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Ramayana Trails

Chilaw | Dambulla | Kandy | Nuwara Eliya | Colombo

Hotels Selected:

  • Club Palm Bay

  • Fresco Water Villa

  • Senani Hotel

  • Stamford Star

  • Fairway Hotel


Meet and assist on arrival at Airport by DT Travels Representative and transfer to Chilaw. Leisure at Chilaw Beach Hotel.

Arrive at Chilaw. Chilaw is a large town in Puttalam District, North Western Province, Sri Lanka.Several religious sites, beautiful shorelines, and national parks are available to visitors. Chilaw Beach Park, with its indigo blue waves and smooth golden sands, is the ideal place to kick back and relax under the palm trees. Visitors can go swimming, walking in the fine sand, or simply sunbathe for hours. Along the shore, there are also a number of opulent resorts. In addition, the town is known for its pearls and a large fishing community. The Munneswara Temple is Sri Lanka's oldest Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva. He location where King Rama worshiped to Lord Shiva according to legend. As he slew King Ravana, who was a Brahmin, Brahmahasti Dosha arose. Following his victory in battle, Lord Rama boarded one of King Ravana's Vimanas and traveled to Ayodhya. As he slew King Ravana, a Brahmin, he believed he was being followed by Bramahathi Dosham. At this point, he halted the Vimana because he felt the "Bramahathi Dosham" was not following him. He ascended the Vimana and prayed to God Shiva for help. Lord Rama was blessed by God Shiva, who urged him to build and pray four lingams in India's Manavari, Thirukoneshwaram, Thiruketheeswaram, and Rameshwaram to remove the Dosham. According to legend, Lord Rama was stationed in Manawari Temple, which houses the main Shivalinga. Manavari, Thiru Koneshwaram, and Thiru Ketheshwaram are among the Shivalingas found in four separate locations. In India, Rameswaram is used to treat Brahmahatya Dosha. The Shivalinga was first installed and prayed at the Manavari Temple by Lord Rama. It is known as Ramalingam because it was built by Lord Rama.
•    Meet and assist on arrival at Airport by DT Travels Representative and transfer to Chilaw
•    Check in hotel.
•    Evening SS at Munweshwaram Kovil 
Overnight stay at Hotel in Chilaw


Sigiriya also known as the Lion's Rock is a rock fortress and a palace located in the Matale district of Sri Lanka. This ruin is surrounded by gardens, ponds and other structures. Sigiriya was built by King Kassapa and today it is included as a UNESCO listed World Heritage site. Sigiriya is the best-preserved city Centre in Asia.

The "5th century Fortress in the Sky," the island's amazing solitary wonder, is located here. Because of the colossal lion that once guarded the entrance to the stronghold, it is also known as Lion Rock. The massive rock rises almost to a sheer height of 600 feet within its triple-moated protection. The foundations of what was once a grand and opulent palace and gardens, replete with a swimming pool, can be found on its peak. The only known ancient Sinhalese secular painting that has survived in the shape of Frescos of life-sized damsels in all the freshness and delicacy of its original color may be found on one of the stairwells.

Aside from that, this world-famous rock fortress is said to be connected to the Ramayana. Many prehistoric artworks may be found on the ceiling of the Cobra Hooded Cave near Sigiriya. The cave and Sita's story are written as 'Parumaka naguliya lene,' which means 'Parumaka naguliya lene.' Naguliya Cave near Sigiriya is thought to be one of the places in Sri Lanka where Ravana held Seetha Devi hostage. Cobra Hooded Cave. Because of its shape, it is known as Cobra Hooded Cave. Sita is said to have been imprisoned here, according to legend. The ceiling is covered in prehistoric drawings. There is a clear link between Sita and the cave, as evidenced by the inscription 'Parumaka naguliya lene'. It would have been carved after Rawana's time, but the word 'naguliya' relates to Sita, hence it is certain that it refers to Sita's stay in this cave.

  • Breakfast at the hotel and check-out.

  • Proceed to Sigiriya

  • SS at Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

  • Lunch at Local Restaurant.

  • Evening SS at Dambulla

Dinner and Overnight at Hotel, in Dambulla


The Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple, located in central Sri Lanka, is a live Buddhist site with a sequence of five cave shrines. Dambulla is Sri Lanka's largest and best-preserved cave temple complex. There are 153 Buddha statues, three Sri Lankan king statues, and four gods and goddesses’ statues in all. Vishnu and Ganesha are among the latter.  UNESCO designated the Golden Temple of Dambulla a World Heritage Site in 1991. Buddhism has a lengthy history in Sri Lanka, both in terms of presence and practice. With a twenty-two-century history as a pilgrimage place, the Dambulla cave temple is one of the oldest Buddhist monastic locations. Because monks built the tunnels out of rock, the vast cave temple complex is unique in Southeast Asia. In India, cave temples such as Ajanta, Elephanta, Ellore, and Karla were built in natural caverns.  Since its foundation, the cave monastery has been a sacred pilgrimage place.

Kandy, byname Maha Nuwara (“Great City”), it is the Capital of the Central Province. Kandy known as a pilgrimage destination for the Temple of the Tooth Relic a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Kandy was the last capital of the Sinhala kings for more than 2,500 years until the occupation of Sri Lanka by the British in 1815. the Kandy city is full of history, culture and unique personality. The city is surrounded by some majestic mountains and it attractive touring destinations for the travelers, who want to enjoy the natural beauty of this Island along with exploring the rich and colorful culture.

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic: A Brief History the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, where Gautama Buddha's left Canine tooth is kept, is a world-renowned center of worship. UNESCO designated the temple, which is visited daily by hundreds of local and foreign devotees and tourists, as a world historic site in 1988. The temple, which has a great deal of religious significance for Buddhists all over the world, also has a great deal of cultural significance. The architecture is of a unique Kandyan architectural style, combining elements of the style used to construct the “Dalada Mandira” shrines that formerly housed the Sacred Tooth Relic in other kingdoms.

Sri Muthumariamman Temple: This old has a long history dating back to the early 1800s. The south Indian immigrants who came to the island in search of work used the current temple's location. It is now one of the island's most important Hindu temples.

 Breakfast at the hotel and check-out.

  • Transfer to Kandy

  • En route visit Spice Garden

  • Sri Muthumariamman Temple.

  • Lunch at local restaurant.

  • SS at Kandy Temple of tooth

  • Kandy City Tour

  • Evening cultural Dance at YMBA (Optional)

Dinner and Overnight at Hotel, in Kandy


At 2,000 meters above sea level, Nuwara Eliya, is located at a distance of 180km into the central highlands from the capital city of  Colombo in the western coast. Nuwara Eliya is known as “city on the plain”, “Little England". It is one of the major teas producing areas in South Asia. It is the tea capital of Central Highlands, is the prime tea growing district of Sri Lanka. Moreover, Nuwara Eliya is the premier holiday resort of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka among the foreign tourists as well as Sri Lankan tourists. As well as this is one of leisure destinations in Sri Lanka.The Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka established the Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple amid the hills of Ramboda, where Hanuman was seeking for Sita. Thousands of worshippers visit the temple every year.  The Chariot Path and Seetha Tear Pond : The desolate region here is thought to be the road Ravana brought Seetha Devi from Lankapura to Ashoka Vatika to show her the splendor of his kingdom, which was a paradise on earth. Grass is the only vegetation that has grown on this pathway thus far.
Seetha Amman Temple: On the banks of the stream where Seetha Devi bathed, a temple for Lord Rama, Seetha Devi, Luxshmana, and Hanuman was constructed.
Ashok Vatika: Ravana kidnapped Sita and held her captive in the Ashok Vatika. Ashok Vatika is a garden in the Sri Lankan town of Sita Eliya. The rock on which Sita used to sit and meditate is one among the most remarkable discoveries here. Sita Eliya is also home to the world's only Site Temple. Sita's idols were discovered here 100 years ago.
Hakgala Botanical Garden: King Ravana's pleasure gardens included the Hakgala Botanical Gardens. This garden was expanded during the British period and contains a diverse array of flowers, including an outstanding orchid collection. This is the exotic pleasure garden where King Ravana imprisoned Sita and forced her to marry him. It was here that she met Hanuman, who delivered her Rama's ring along with the message that Rama was looking for her. He offered to carry her back, but she declined, claiming that doing so would be an affront to Rama's honor. A portion of this magnificent landscape is still standing. Hanuman is also reported to have come close to destroying it in order to show Ravana the strength of the troops opposing him.

•    Breakfast at the hotel and check-out. 
•    En route visit Pinnawala Elephant orphanage (Optional)
•    Proceed to Nuwara Eliya. En route Nuwara Eliya you will visit a tea factory.
•    Lunch at Local Restaurant. 
•    After SS at Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple Ramboda and one of the most beautiful water falls in Sri Lanka known as Ramboda water fall, enjoy the scenic beauty of central highland. 
•    Leave for Haggala Botanicle garden. Tranfer to seetha amman kovil.
•    Lunch at local restaurant. 
•    After the lunch you will explore “Little England” a city tour with option to walk around the streets and to complete with a lake, race track, well- kept lawns with hedges, an Anglican Church and an 18-hole golf course.
Dinner and Overnight at Hotel, in Nuwara Eliya


Colombo is frequently referred to as the country's commercial city. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka's official capital, is also located inside Colombo's urban area, The city has a rich colonial history as well as numerous beautiful and popular tourist attractions. And ideal destination for shopping lovers. t is home to one of the world's largest artificial harbors, which handles the majority of Sri Lanka's international trade.

Exquisite boutiques with international names and quaint shops with colorful local art and textured fabrics make this a shopper's heaven. Sri Lanka's capital, with its interesting heritage and alluring culture, is one of Asia's most popular tourism destinations. Your every taste and wish for where to stay is met with a diverse range of housing alternatives ranging from rustic coastal shacks to luxurious colonial homes and stunning hotels.

Despite the fact that Kelaniya Buddhist Temple is one of Sri Lanka's most important Buddhist temples, there is a direct link between Ramayana tours Sri Lanka and Kelaniya Buddhist Temple. According to the Ramayana, King Vibhishana was anointed by Lakshmana after King Ravana died. As a result, Kelaniya is the place where Vibhishana governed. Lakshmana crowned Vibhishana in Kelaniya because Rama had to return to India to finish his 14-year self-exile in order to keep his promise to his father, King Dasarath of Ayodhya.As a result, the Kelaniya Buddhist Temple is a significant stop on the Sri Lankan Ramayana trip. 
•    Breakfast at the hotel.
•    Proceed to Colombo
•    En route SS at Kelani Rajamaha Vihara
•    Lunch at local restaurant. 
•    Evening shopping at Colombo
•    Dinner at Local restaurant
Overnight at Hotel, in Colombo





  • Star class certified Hotels with A/C including daily Breakfast & Dinner.

  • Coved-19 Insurance cover of $50,000 valid for 01 month only.

  • Private Vehicle with A/C for tour & transfers.

  • Free Wifi On-Board.

  • Certified English-speaking Guide / Driver.

  • Airport transfers with assistance.

  • Road/interstate taxes, fuel surcharges.

  • City tours in each city.

  • Spice Garden visit & 15 min Ayurvedic Head Massage


  • Sri Lanka Visa Fees & Process

  • International Airfares.

  • Site entry tickets

  • Alcohol / Beverages & Snacks

  • Additional meals (Lunch / Snacks / Etc…)

  • Departure PCR Test.

  • Tips

  • Early check In on availability

  • International Airfare

  • Any items of a personal nature

  • Gratuities

  • Expenses of a personal nature

  • Passport and Visa fees

  • Any other services not specified above 


  • 24-hour Customer service

  • Complementary herbal drink.

  • First Aid On-board

  • Final day Exit Dinner for groups

  • Tea Factory & Demonstration – Free (guided tour)

  • Gem Museum & Demonstration – Free (guided tour)

  • Complementary SIM card on arrival.

  • One complementary water bottle (1000ml) Per Person / Per Day.

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